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What is the Process?
With increased levels of competition, you need help to ensure that your CV works for you and stands out amongst the rest.
Although Age Discrimination legislation in the UK is in existence, sadly we know that certain employers and recruitment agencies are still biased against mature workers, much to their detriment.

I provide a friendly, informal, bespoke one-to-one session to enable you to bring out your expertise, key skills and achievements, and encourage you to feel good about your strong transferable skills which can be applied to many work roles. 

If you are local to the Twickenham area, I can work on a face-to-face basis, but out of the area I can offer telephone or Skype consultations. 

Following the initial one hour consultation, I will re-write your CV within seven working days, and ensure that it is targeted towards the roles that you are applying for, even if it is a complete career change. If you need any changes or edits once this has been completed, I can work with you on 'tweaking' your CV for up to two weeks following the consultation, free of charge. 

For an additional (or separate) small fee, I can help you to create or modernise your 'Linked In' profile, vital in this era of job-searching.

I have a very good success rate with people finding work. (See my testimonials on the last page and connect with me on 'Linked In' to read more). 
“A fun, interesting and focused experience based on Alison's knowledge and people skills. Encouraging, diplomatic advice is what Alison delivers, enabling me to get the most of this important experience

When I emailed Alison my CV she was very kind and pointed out the strengths and how it could be improved . She did an enormous amount of 1-1 work with me to come up with a targeted and researched CV. This enabled me to feel good about myself and why any
organisation would benefit from working with me.” Ian  
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