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"Thank you very very much. I found our session indeed very helpful. I now have a lot of good advice and some work to do to implement all of this on my 'Linked In' profile. You also helped in my thinking about sticking to what I am doing at the moment and not going back to the corporate world. Which is a big decision… 
You also inspired me to look at a model for freelancers, so I can see how I manage my time, between looking for clients, doing the things I like and keeping it all balance."
JM hired Alison for 'Linked In' profile development.
"An outstanding and professional service. I needed support with improving my cv to highlight my key achievements. I have recently uploaded it to the relevant websites and have been inundated with calls from headhunters. I feel confident now in my approach that I will be successful and find a new position. I just needed my core skills to show me off as I didn't convey these in my original cv. I'm glad that I went via this route. No regrets. You will not be disappointed".
Joti hired Alison for CV revision.
"Alison is a true professional and uses her experiences at work and in real life situations to optimise and solve issues that her clients face.  She helps her clients prioritise their objectives and 'get to the point', guiding them through the step by step process of achieving them. Her emotional intelligence and people skills makes even the hardest customer feel comforted and helped at the same time.  Having said that she makes sure that her clients get the results they want, in a fast and speedy manner.  She is an asset to any organisation/ or individual looking for solid, practical business advice and coaching".
Sonia (Barclays Bank) hired Alison as a Business Consultant
"Alison carried out a CV review with diligence, sensitivity and care. She was able to draw out my strongest skills and achievements and succinctly set them out in order of priority. An excellent job. Many thanks!"
James (Deputy Headteacher) hired Alison for CV revision
" I think you've done a great job on my CV, it's certainly a huge improvement on my version"
Katherine (senior HR professional for a major organisation)
"Many thanks for my new CV. I am very pleased with it, I think you have brought out what is important.  I have sent it out already. Thanks again for your help."
Paul (Translator)
"Alison was very good, friendly and provided an excellent CV to match my skills".
Aniz (Business Development Manager)
"Alison is amazing. I am very happy that I contacted Alison. She is very professional. I have precious information now, to help me to build my dream. Thank you".
"Alison advised me a few years ago when I was looking for a completely new direction career wise, she used her intuitive skills to guide me into an area which suited my skills and personality perfectly, and this is what she excels at".
Marie (started a new business as an Image Consultant following Career Coaching)
"Alison created an excellent CV which enabled me to find two jobs in the catering industry extremely quickly".
Fili Badjo (catering) hired Alison as a CV Consultant and found a better paid job
"I highly recommend the services of Access Careers. They put a great deal of effort into my CV which has vastly improved its content and presentation. Their invaluable feedback has also given me a better idea of my achievements".
Andranik hired Alison as a CV Consultant and found permanent work
"A careers counselling session looking at my CV, job plans and careers development - very friendly and helpful, with good feedback afterwards"
MM hired Alison as a Career Coach
"I consulted Alison for advice on a possible career change but wanted something to suit my work/life balance having 2 young children. Alison had given a great deal of thought to what she considered would and would not be possible alternative career options for me before we met so that when we did get together we were able to get straight to it. Alison came up with some really good realistic suggestions that had not previously crossed my mind and that I shall now be actively pursuing. Thank you so much for everything!"

Amanda (ex-solicitor) hired Alison as a Career Coach
"A fun, interesting and focused experience based on Alison's knowledge and people skills. Encouraging, diplomatic advice is what Alison delivers enabling me to get the most of this important experience   When I emailed Alison my CV she just laughed but was very kind and pointed out the strengths and how it could be improved . She did an enormous amount of 1-1 work with me to come up with a targeted and researched CV.   This enabled me to feel good about myself and why any organisation would benefit from working with me".
Ian (Wealth Management) hired Alison as a Career Coach
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