Access Careers - Help and Advice for Job Changers

Career Coaching
Alison provides a complete career coaching experience from start to finish, with ongoing support where necessary.   Access Careers' coaching service utilises values and personality assessment tools for those who are unsure of their career direction.
Cognitive behavioural therapy techniques are employed to assist the client to focus on short and long term goals, removing anxieties and fears about career change.
Initial telephone/email consultation free.
“I consulted Alison for advice on a possible career change but wanted something to suit my work/life balance having 2 young children. Alison had given a great deal of thought to what she considered would and would not be possible alternative career options for me before we met so that when we did get together we were able to get straight to it.
Alison came up with some really good realistic suggestions that had not previously crossed my mind and that I shall now be actively pursuing. Thank you so much for everything!” Amanda
CV and 'Linked In' Support
With increased levels of competition, you need help to ensure that your CV works for you and stands out amongst the rest.
Increasingly, employers are head-hunting people through key words on 'Linked In' profiles.  Alison can give astute advice on how to get your profile noticed.  This service is becoming increasing popular.
Alison provides guided support with 'Linked In' profiles, CVs from scratch and also revision of existing CV to help you secure that job. Competitive rates for employees/professionals - Click here.
“A fun, interesting and focused experience based on Alison's knowledge and people skills. Encouraging, diplomatic advice is what Alison delivers enabling me to get the most of this important experience When I emailed Alison my CV she just laughed but was very kind and pointed out the strengths and how it could be improved . She did an enormous amount of 1-1 work with me to come up with a targeted and researched CV. This enabled me to feel good about myself and why any
organisation would benefit from working with me.” Ian
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